The Vicious Cycle Of Our Interactions

Updated: May 29, 2021

Stress from your interactions and relationships with others may be caused by something much closer to home than you may have thought. The beliefs that cause your perceptions of reality and influence how you behave and respond in your world and especially to the people in it are at the root of your distress.

Brief Summary Of The Cycle

Your core beliefs create thought patterns -

Thought patterns create interpretations or perceptions about what is going on -

Interpretations or perceptions create emotions -

Emotions create your behavior which causes others to respond in ways that usually confirms the belief that you have about how you and the world are...

Core Beliefs:

Those fixed conclusions we draw as children about ourselves, about people, and about the world. Particularly about who and what we are...

Positive & Negative Polarity of Childhood

Loved Unconditionally Vs Judged, neglected or criticized frequently.

Our Experiences help to reinforce our sense of ego separateness or strengthen our awareness of the True Self...

How Can We Stop This Cycle:

We must first start to become aware of our thoughts. Then you need to identify the "themes" or patterns that occur over and over again in your life. Is it rejection, feeling not good enough, a sense of unfairness?

Barriers That Keep Us From Exercising Control Over Our Thoughts:

Not able to accept the truth that our perceptions are controlling our relationships.

Fear, fearing our own power to be happy.

Attachment to our self image (little, weak and victimized). Feels threatening to let go of.

Don't know how to let go so we remain in a state of suffering until we are ready and cannot take it anymore.

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