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Community Coming Together


People coming together to support, love, and build one another up.  I am working to create a safe place where like minded people can come together and share space.  I will be adding new social events to provide opportunities for our community to grow.  We will strive to support each other and brainstorm ideas to improve our communities. 

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Every Thursday at 7:00 PM 

Group Reiki Share

 I am organizing reiki share events for anyone interested in practicing with other reiki students.  Reiki is one of the most popular energy healing modality's to date.  Come share your skills and support others as they work to build their confidence and help heal the world...  


No expectations just come as you are and lets have some fun...  


Happiness From Within

September 24, 2021

Small Business Meet-Up

Entrapanuers getting together to share ideas on what worked or didn't work for them.  Come join us to connect to like minded individuals and get any questions answered you might be having.  We strive to have a caring atmosphere based out of Love where we build each other up... 


You do not have to have a small business to be part of this group just an interest in working toward a calling you might have or a goal... 


Happiness From Within

September 4, 2021

Getting Into Nature

Have you had the desire to get out into Nature but just haven't found the time or energy. Now you don't have an excuse. Come Join us at Happiness From Within. Opportunity to connect to others... I am organizing outdoor meet ups for anyone interested in meeting up to go for a nice Hike or simply just hangout outside enjoying nature... No expectation just come out and have fun and maybe meet a new friend... 


Happiness From Within

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Coming Soon

Youth Leadership Development

Community Engagement

Group Team Building

Youth Life Coaching

Body   -   Mind   -   Spirit 

If you are interested in being a part of this developing this program and want to bring your skills to share with others please click button below