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Community Coming Together


People coming together to support, love, and build one another up.  I am working to create a safe place where like minded people can come together and share space.  I will be adding new social events to provide opportunities for our community to grow.  We will strive to support each other and brainstorm ideas to improve our communities. 

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Wednesday's                         7:00PM

Group Reiki Share

 Omaha Awakening Center has a weekly group meditation that meets every Wednesday.  The meditation usually lasts for about 30 minutes. Following the meditation, we socialize and get to know one another and provide group reiki for group members. Come share your skills and support others as they work to build their confidence and help heal each other......  


Happiness From Within


Saturday Jan 14th                  3:00PM

Creators Group Meet-Up

Compassionate people getting together to share ideas on humanitarian projects for our communities. Come join us to connect to like-minded beings and share your ideas.  We strive to have a caring atmosphere based out of LOVE where we build each other up... 


You do not have to have a small business to be part of this group just an interest in working toward a calling you might have or a goal... 


Happiness From Within

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Saturday Nov 19th                 2:00PM

Woodpecker Festival

Have you had the desire to get out into Nature but just haven't found the time or energy. Come Join us at the Oak Park in Ralston, NE. It's a beautiful opportunity to connect to others and make new friends. We will provide a Healing Drum Ceremony. Opportunity to receive or practice Reiki among other mystical opportunities. 


Happiness From Within

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Humanitarian Projects

Systemic Advocates - Holistic Practitioners networking with residential agencies to Support, Heal, and get residents to Thrive

Residential Inservice Group Home Treatment (RIGHT) Evaluation Act -  

We Are Change - Policy to present to ensure safety of all residential homes are safe.

Youth Leadership Development - Youth Led Projects. Youth decides what projects they want to create.

Body   -   Mind   -   Spirit 

If you are interested in being a part of one of these projects, please click button below for more details